George Wasilewski
President at Apollo Electric Inc
Sharon Press has been a pleasure to work with. She pays attention to every detail and is very well organized. Her communication skills, work ethic and attitude towards clients are impeccable. I am very grateful for her professional help and recommend her services to everyone.

Ross Dawson
Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, author
Sharon has provided great service to me; she knows her field inside out, is consistently helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Toby Beach
Producer/Director at Tusker Television LLC
Sharon Press is a terrific attorney and a pleasure to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable about the O-1 process and offered great counsel.

Aric Lavinthal
UrbanDaddy, General Counsel & Vice President of Operations
I worked with Sharon on a difficult J-1 Visa application. She was able to come up with a great strategy where others fell short, and was diligent and incisive throughout our efforts to put together our application. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to commence this process.

Luke Aneke
Associate at Akabas & Sproule
A few weeks ago, I consulted Sharon on a deeply technical aspect of transitioning from a J-1 visa to permanent residency. The issue was – and is – so complicated that immigration officials gave me contradictory information on the appropriate procedures and expected timelines. So, too, did three of New York City’s top immigration attorneys. In a last-ditch attempt to resolve the problem, I contacted Sharon and explained the situation to her. She rephrased the situation accurately and concisely, reassuring me with that immediate evidence of intelligent listening and keen understanding. More importantly, she listed all the appropriate files and documents that I’d need to file and where to send them. About a month later, I became a permanent resident. Her advice saved me considerable time and a significant amount of money.

Matt McFadyen
Lead Facilitator, Keynote Speaker at Peak Teams Inc
Sharon is an expert in her field, she successfully helped me navigate the complex US immigration system and helped me obtain my Visa with no problems at all.  Her service, reliability and knowledge is second to none. Sharon is very easy to do business with and I highly recommend her.


Marissa Looby
Architect at Woods Bagot
I was recommended to Sharon by a friend and would be delighted to reciprocate the recommendation. She has been attentive, remarkably well-versed and incredibly scrupulous, not to mention extremely patient, in talking me through and helping me out with the application process. As well as such professional attributes, she is a welcoming and entirely amiable person.

Shane Toohey
Scale Your Leadership at Peak Teams
Sharon is the most committed and accountable attorney I have ever met. If you ever need help on a very important legal matter you would not find a better partner to help you.


Petek Gunay
Owner, GUNAY LAW, P.C.
Sharon has helped me obtain my green card. Being an attorney myself, I very much appreciated her vast knowledge of the subject matter and the highly efficient manner in which she handled my case. Sharon is both incredibly professional and extremely personable, a combination of traits which serves her very well in her field. I would strongly recommend Sharon to anyone seeking an immigration attorney.


Kaylie Stansfield
Director, Integrated Marketing & Operations at The Conference Board
I met Sharon when I applied for my first U.S. work visa in 2008. She was extremely thorough in her explanation of the visa application process and professional in her dealings with my then new employer, The Economist Group.   Navigating the ever-changing visa laws can be overwhelming for a novice.